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A bit about me.

Welcome to my website. My name is Jenni and yep 'Tribe' really is my last name! 

Teased for it as a child, I now love that it appears the 'in' word for the collective conscious awareness for global connection.
I am building this website as a service to you and women of all ages and circumstances in an effort to transform that dark, heavy feeling of hopelessness and helplessness that we feel when we can't put our finger on where it all went wrong and that life seems to have become one cascade of failings and disappointment. Sound familiar?

If you had told me 5 years ago that I would still be in my home, paying my mortgage and living a life feeling free and happy and working for myself by helping others, I would never have believed you.

After nearly thirty years Nursing and Midwifing I was burning out feeling disillusioned with my work, limited by short sighted impersonal protocols, becoming irritable, not sleeping and unable to see how I could possibly leave and work using the other therapies I had studied in order to help others. I had always promised myself that I would seek to change if I ever felt that way but this regular income, this safety net, this chronic stress was strangely familiar and felt safe. Yes this was my comfort zone.

The Universe had other plans for me. 

 Transformation is possible.

2013 was a very interesting year indeed.

After winding up stressed out, avoiding my deepest fears by keeping busy helping others first,

I burned out end of March, plunging into a severe and deep depression with horrendous anxiety. Not again I thought, this happened decades ago after birthing my first daughter.

My whole world came crashing down around me and I felt helpless, rejected and abandoned, hopeless, separated from everything and everyone I loved.

Then I heard to my inner voice. I listened.

I heard myself telling me how awful I was, how useless, what a failure I had become, no good to anyone, unloveable, not good enough.

I had heard enough. 

I then made a decision:

I would no longer be my own worst bully.

I would become my own best friend. 

I started small ways at first, just telling myself every thing was ok, that I had a choice whether to get up or give up, that while I was up I could choose to shower, and then when I felt strong enough I faced the ‘me in the mirror’. That was tough! 

The following months of transition were tough and I was unable to work for several months but during that time I researched self help methods and discovered other modalities which helped me to find the root cause of those self sabotaging core beliefs that were blocking me from feeling free and happy. 

Energy psychology techniques including Matrix ReImprinting and Matrix Birth ReImprinting using EFT (emotional freedom technique) found me and changed my whole perspective.

Turns out I had been living old unhelpful destructive patterns which stemmed from an experience aged 18months. I’d had recurrent dreams and night terrors since very young, feeling I was standing up with my face between clenched fists holding on to something and a sense that my dear Dad had come in through a door but there was no contact and he left, leaving me feeling rejected, abandoned, not feeling important or good enough; a life threatening impression with no escape plan.

My mum had been birthing my sister in the bedroom next door. I was petrified. My Dad had left to go back to her as she was close to having my sister. Interestingly and with hindsight, I believe I became a midwife to establish that the strangers were not harming my mother.

I find it fascinating that we choose employment and relationships with issues which may retrigger our fears and beliefs in a search for resolution.

Having found the root cause of these feelings I was able to release and transform what I believed that was holding me back.

I felt confident, content and at ease with myself for the first time, ever.

A huge inner smile beamed brightly. I felt reconnected and at peace.

My best was good enough and I:

No longer needed to live to please others.

Stopped going over the past trying to figure stuff out.

Felt excited at the prospect of learning and experiencing everything life has to offer.

I was going to be okay.

I was perfectly imperfect.

And so can you be too.

I realised that I am happiest when helping other women and even more thrilled to witness them finding their inner power to change and choosing ways to live a life they love.

How does it get any better than that?

Now it’s your turn. 

When was the last time you were really you?

What stops you from being you?

What do you feel you need to change?  

  •       Finding yourself drawn into unhealthy relationships that you know aren’t good for you?
  •       Lost confidence, not knowing your purpose and passion for life. Your raison d’être?
  •       Crippled by guilt, shame and loss after having a pregnancy terminated?
  •       Struggling to have a baby and feeling the pressure of that clock?
  •       Feeling fearful of losing control, giving birth and not coping with birthing?
  •       Having flashbacks, nightmares and feeling unable to move on after a difficult birthing, maybe your own was                 traumatic?
  •       Struggling to bond with your baby or partner after birthing?
  •       Struggling to cope with parenting and feeling unsupported?
  •       Hiding behind unhealthy addictions to mask how awful you really feel?
  •        Fearful speaking in front of others, fears and phobias?
  •       Struggling to lose weight because keeping it is easier than changing and letting go?
  •       Never having enough money and not feeling important enough to have your own?

I could go on… 

How good will it feel to know and believe in yourself that you really are good enough? 

Working with me.

I am proof even the most stubborn warriors can change!

Now, I could offer single sessions for one-minute miracles but these rarely happen and to avoid disappointment and wasting time, I want to work only with those of you who realise the value of investing time and money in making real changes for yourself. If you won’t who will?

We can make cracking progress stripping through those masking layers you’ve been hiding under for so long. By finding those core beliefs we can get to the heart of the matter more quickly.  


We can work using Skype, Zoom, by phone and face to face if local to Norwich, UK.

I have put together some packages of sessions to help you choose: 

  •       Welcome chat 15 mins free
  •       Initial Consultation 90 mins £100
  •       Life purpose/  Future Zip technique 90mins £100
  •       MindPrep for a positive birthing 120 mins £150
  •       Follow up Consultation 60 mins £75
  •       4 pack Package Initial and 3 follow ups £295
  •       6 pack Package Initial and 5 follow ups £395 

What do you have to do now? 

Call me to make your 15-minute welcome chat to check we fit and make plans to connect.

Email me via the contact form below to tell me what you want help with and to plan our sessions together.

I will then invoice you the payment plan selected to your mobile phone or email address, which needs to be paid in advance of the sessions.

I look forward to helping you find your own inner power to change and choose  living the life you love! 

         With love, Jenni x


Video interview of Jenni with Sharon King for Matrix ReImprinting creator Karl Dawson's ten year anniversary:




Cancellation is accepted, life happens, but please give as much notice as possible so that the appointment can be offered out but cancellations made less than 24 hours before will not be refunded and will be forfeited.

Packages purchased are non refundable but are transferable to friends and family.
Disclaimer: I am not a substitute for medical expertise and if in doubt you should seek advice from your own doctor. I am unable to give advice about medication so please do not ask. Thank you for understanding.

Your data will be kept in confidence, will never be sold and we will never spam you. 

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